2011 Shakespeare School Essay Competition: 11-14 years old

shakepeare essay competition


  • the contest is open to ALL youngsters aged 11-14
  • to enter the contest, you have to leave an interesting and original comment to any of the posts from Shakespeare School blog
  • optional: if you have a Facebook account, you may become one of our fans on Shakespeare’ School Facebook fan page

When you fulfil these requirements, you are officially registered as participant in this competition and you can start writing your essay!

Essay topic:

Have you got loads of talent when it comes to writing? Have you got a vivid imagination? Then use all your writing skills to create the perfect essay about the perfect world to live in. What would it take to make the ideal world? What would you do if you had the chance to live for one day in this dream land? If there was only one thing you could bring back to our world, what would that be?

Give your essay a catchy title, describe your fantasy and make sure to include the following pictures/ideas in your essay:

cat crystal-ball

window cane

Write an essay of maximum 350 words to tell us about your fantasy world, using the images above and we promise you a fantastic summer if you win our competition!

The creativity of your ideas expressed is more important than perfect English grammar.


1st Prize

-          a 2 week summer school (10-24 July 2011) in England at St.Michael’s College, Tenbury Wells, worth 1260 GBP- “English in the Heart of England”*

-          a surprise gift from Carturesti

-          books & Cambridge University Press backpack offered by Fischer International

-          discount card from Puma

St. Michael's College

The English summer school at St. Michael’s College includes:

  • English classes –  19  lessons per week, in groups of maximum 15 students
  • 14 nights accommodation and all meals in the residence of St Michael’s College
  • Daily sports and social programme.
  • 4 full day excursions (Manchester, Bath, London, Cardiff)
  • 2 ½ day excursion (Worcester, Hereford)
  • Use of textbooks and educational materials
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Morning medical clinic on campus each weekday.

The prize does not include*:
o flight ticket Bucharest-London-Bucharest

* The transport cost must be paid by the winner, who must have sufficient funds to cover this expense. Otherwise, the prize will be offered to the next competitor.

2nd Prize

-          a 2 week summer school (13-27 August 2011) in England at Harrow House International College, Swanage- “English by the sea”*

-          a surprise gift from Carturesti

-          books & Cambridge University Press backpack offered by Fischer International

-          discount card from Puma

harrow aerial

*The “Junior English & Sports” programme at Harrow House International College includes:

  • English classes –  15  hours per week, in groups of maximum 15 students
  • Sports lessons- 15 hours per week
  • 14 nights accommodation and all meals in the residence of Harrow House International College
  • Daily sports and social programme
  • 1 full day Saturday excursion
  • 1 half day Sunday excursion to Bournmeouth
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Student insurance for duration of stay at Harrow House

The prize does not include: flight & transfer costs.

3rd Prize

-          Cambridge exam fee (KET, PET, FCE or CAE), offered by British Council

-          a free 20 hour English summer course at Shakespeare School

-          books offered by Fischer International

-          discount card from Puma

5 Honourable Mentions consisting of:

-          Oxford/Cambridge dictionaries + CD ROM or British Chcurches album, offered by Fischer International

-          a 50% discount for any intensive English summer course held at Shakespeare School

-          a voucher for buying sports articles from Puma Cotroceni

-          a surprise gift from Carturesti

+ 12 Special Prizes consisting of:

-          1 book offered by Fischer International

-          a surprise gift from Carturesti

-          a 25% discount for any intensive English summer course held at Shakespeare School

Important notes:

  • participation is FREE OF CHARGE
  • all submitted essays will receive a Certificate of Participation to our essay competition
  • winning essays and other essays of merit will receive an Essay Award Certificate
  • all winning essays will be posted on Shakespeare School blog
  • English teachers that will have minimum 10 students enrolled to 2011 Shakespeare School Essay Competition will receive a “Certificate of Merit” from Shakespeare School


  • all essays must be written in English
  • all essays must be original and unpublished
  • word count: 200-350 words

Judging criteria & Evaluation stages

  • Essays will be judged on: task achievement, language accuracy, register & vocabulary, organization & cohesion, originality
  • 1st stage: essays will be evaluated by a panel of judges comprising Shakespeare School English teachers, that will announce the best 20 essays on May 20, 2011
  • 2nd stage: the 20 finalists will be invited for a short interview, which will take place on Saturday, 28th of May, at Shakespeare School in Bucharest
  • the final results will be announced on June 10, at the award ceremony which will be held at Shakespeare School, 11 Dimirie Racovita Street, sector 2, Bucharest


All essays must be submitted by March 23, 2011 (the deadline is extended)

How to submit your essay:
– Complete the online application form on our website at “Inscriere Concurs”
– An e-mail will be sent confirming the receipt of your submission


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Sponsors: Mirunette International Education, Studio Cambridge, Harrow House College, St. Michael’s College, Cohn and Jansen JWT, Puma Romania, Simaco Advertising

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  1. Abdullah Sarah Alexandra

    Very useful this competition.I am very glad because i founded it.i think it is very nice because all of us have a chance to prove what he/she can do.

  2. Neagu Ioana

    Wow, this is a great opportunity for us to show what we can do. I would be very happy if I’m going to join this competition and I’m happy that I found this contest. I think it’s going to be very interesting. I want to wish ”good luck” to all of the children that are participating!


  3. Comisan Maria

    I have read this article and so on I get nex to a lot of informations about this competition.

  4. Comisan Maria

    It is a verry catchy and I bursting to go in for this competition.

  5. Constantin Laura

    I can’t say that I am a little Shakespeare in the making but I like to test my limits and i think that this ideea, “A Perfect World To Live In” is very interesting.
    I would like to change the world and the society even if people say me that it is impossible but I’m optimistic and I wish one day my dream wold come true.So I start by sharing my ideeas with you and I wish you would like my essay

  6. Buzelan Ioana

    Hey, what are you doing? I want to subscribe to this contest! My teacher is Nisha. Do you think I can give it to her? You can put a comment on my blog, Shakespeare is the best. I love your blog. Success! By!
    PS: I can find ioanabuzelan (yahoo messenger) ioanabuzelan@yahoo.com (e-mail) or ioanabuzelan hi5.

  7. Miruna Ilie

    What are you guys trying to do for us, it’s so wonderful. It’s a great opportunuty for the little “Shakespeares” that want to freely express themselves. The theme is also really interesting. I will star writig my essey right away. Keep the finger crossed for me and wish me luck. Have a nice day:)!

  8. marin andreea

    WOW,this is just amazing!
    Is a great opportunity for every person which know a little bit english:))Right?

  9. Chilom Mircea Constantin

    This competition, though it is my first,
    will be a great opportunity to test my skills. I know that everyone will have fun thinking about the perfect world and that this experience will make us better people.

  10. Nadasan Alexandra

    I have sent an essay last year at the same contest but,unfortunately I haven’t won.This will not stop me to participate this year because I love english and I’m glad that in Romania exist this kind of school where we can learn english in a different wey than usual.I think we all are winners and I also think that the best will win because I’m sure that the jury will deliberate in a fair way.Good luck everyone!
    Nadasan Alexandra

  11. Miruna

    This contest is an interesting challenge with english!!! I hope that everybody who makes this essay wons something.

  12. Larisa Duta

    Sounds Great! I will participate with pleasure .

  13. Octavian Todor

    Very glad to have found this contest. Our teacher told us about it at school, thanks to a student who gave her the information. Hopefully, I will win.


  14. Mihut Casiana

    I like the idea of this contest. It is interesting to find out what is your level of knowledge or imagination. I love English and I like competitions, but also in this competitions I can find new friends or I can make ideas exchange with other people. I consider myself a winner and of course everyone of us, because if we won’t go to the summer school we all won a great experience and we should be proud of us but also to be proud of the big winner, if he/she had won this contest it means that this pupil is a smart one and knows how to make his/her ideas valuable. Well that was all I have to say. Good luck to everyone!

  15. pascalau francesca antonia

    I love this school of english because more people learn real english and this contest is so interesting and I will write the essay .I think I stay in my room to write the most wonderful ideas to IMPRESS you with my imagination!!!
    Successful everyone!!1

  16. Toporas Alina

    Just like Beethoven is the god of music, we have our very own William Shakespeare, portraying literature and creative writing. All I can give back right now is a very deeply meaningful “thank you” to Shakespeare’s school for this opportunity.

  17. Rdau Ana-Maria

    It is the first time I participate at this contest and I cannot wait to send the essay! It’s a very big oportunity for me and for all the contestants . Everyone that loves English is a winner for me and they should be for them too , becase it is a very beautiful language that helps us a lot! I wish I would win this contest!
    LOVE ,

  18. Balan Ana-Maria

    Hello ! The ideea of an contest is an innovative ideea , and of coure I’m openned to it . Also is important because it stimulate the competitive spirit and the knowledge of this language . I want to say good luck to all the participants !

  19. Stefan Oana Raluca

    Great Idea!

  20. Oana Teodora

    I am very happy because I finally found a contest that I can demonstrate my abilities in English. It is an opportunity that I cannot miss.
    I am very proud to live in Romania, because in my country we are learning English at school and at home, encouraged by the opportunity to work and live in a foreign country.
    I love Shakespeare School and I participated last year with an essay, which unfortunately did not win, but still left me hope. And last but not least I want to wish all the children who participate good luck!
    Oana Teodora.

  21. Antonia

    OK,i am not trying to impress you in any way with this comment :) Cause I want you to see my writing skills by reading my essay.
    A perfect world to live in is a topic that requires a lot if imagination :) You have to describe it in your words without any help..But i am not sure about what i can write so as to include those pictures, but i’ll work that out! Thank you for letting us express our imagination in English (To be honest,i prefer English to Romanian ..but i can’t do anything about that)
    I am not going to lie to you,
    the 1st prize is also a big part of my enthusiasm :)) …Everyone deserves to win,i wish we all could.So,GOOD LUCK!
    Antonia :)

  22. lupu andreea giorgiana

    this is an opportunity for me to prove that i know a little bit english and i hope that i’ll win:*

  23. Nomolosanu andrei alexandru

    fOR ME,IS first time when i participe at a contest..i have emotion but i really think i will win… <3 i love you shakespear school! really love :)

  24. Caltaru Mihai-Valeriu

    Shakespeare School Essay Competition is a absolutely wonderful opportunity of learning the language and of having a lot of fun. I really think that I can win this thing and I really want to. This kind of competition can really do the difference in a teenager’s life . Thumbs up !

  25. Tehaniuc Teona-Alexandra

    Limba engleza este o limba de baza, care se vorbeste in tarile cele mai cunoscute de noi si mai putin cunoscute. Concursul acesta organizat de scoala Shakespeare deschide o noua poarta pentru cei pasionati de limba engleza cu varste cuprinse intre 11-14 si 15-19 ani. Cei care au o imaginatie bogata si multa creativitate pot participa cu usurinta deoarece este GRATUIT. Premiiile puse in joc sunt extrem de mari si interesante. Parerea mea este ca limba engleza este de viitor si daca iti place….este bine sa o inveti deoarecec este o limba frumoasa, de viitor si nu foarte grea.

    Tehaniuc Teona Alexandra

  26. Alin Negutoiu

    First of all i’d like to thank each and every one of the teachers at Shakespeare school for doing this amazing effort for all of us…The popularity of this school is growing bigger by day and i am glad to say i was here since “the beginning” of all.I’m looking forward to participating in the essay competition!Who knows?Maybe i’ll even win?


  27. Oprea Adriana

    I really think this contest will be amazing because it makes us improve our writing skills and show to other children of our age what a big imagination we have!! I want to participate at this contest, so I will go and write the essay imediately!! :-)

  28. stan madalina antonia

    great ideea

  29. Alexandra Maria Gheorghiade

    Wow…I really want to win this competition…It’s very beautiful and I will work very hard for the first prize…It’s lovely because we must improve our writing skills and show our imagination in this essay! Plus, there are wonderful prizes! Thank you teachers from Shakespeare School, thanks to all the sponsors and all the people who gave us this incredible opportunity to test our creativity and imagination in such a great contest! Alexandra

  30. Kaaki Kalid

    A great opportunity to prove and improve our knowledge of English language.
    Thank you for the chance to participate .
    Good luck to all participants .

  31. Drula Flavius Eduard

    This competition is a very good oportunity for children to learn english.

  32. Ioana Macovei

    Imi place foarte mult acest concurs.Si este o mare ocazie ca,copii sa invete limba engleza.

  33. Drula Flavius Eduard

    This competition is a very good oportunity for children to learn english to write and to learn to use their creativity in a very good way.

  34. Bilba Monica

    To my delightfulness! This contest really makes a big change into the actual English learning process everywhere. A lot of potential, as I could say. I am very happy to have found such an interesting offer. In addition, the prizes settled in for the battle are also catchy and the topic makes you over-whelmed. This will really make me work my mind off very hard on the essay…
    In conclusion, I would like to congratulate the organizers for this brilliant idea, thank them for the amazing opportunity and wish everyone taking part of it (including me) good luck.
    “May the best win!”


  35. Robert Mangata

    I’m so anxious to start my essay and to check on my spelling. Hope to have a good result

  36. Catalin Nitescu

    Never been so certain about something. I want to participate and write about my ideal world. Lots of imagination and creativity is all I need. Good luck everybody

  37. Anca Lupu

    Even if I have never participated to such a contest I want this to be a firm step and to proove my love for English language.

  38. Bianca Tomescu

    It’s a very interesting topic for an essay since us, children, want a better world to live in. I will feel free to write about it.

  39. Ferda Memet

    I want this essay to be a source of inspiration for adults and to help us children live in a better world.

  40. Maria Paraschiv

    I find this contest very interesting because the theme of a travel in the imaginary world can influence our future and create a better/ a worse(depending on the writer) world. Wish me luck on this!

  41. Iulia Moineagu

    I think this essay could be an imaginary gate to introduce the reader into a magic world and to discover the beauty from somebody else’s eyes. It’s up to you!

  42. Maria Bratu

    I think I’ve got talent and I like English,so I said “Why not?”Good luck everyone!

  43. Denisa Caiali

    I think this contest is very interesting and I would like my essay to be a part of it.

  44. Catalin Leu

    Since my surname is Leu (LIon) I identified myself with the cat which is looking in a mirror and thinks she’s a lion. I think I’ll start my essay from here.

  45. Alexandru Fologea

    The doors to our better imaginary world could be opened by this essay. I can look inside of me and create it. Thank you for this chance.

  46. Radu Popescu

    I think this contest is an opportunity form me and many other kids that will also enjoy to participate this competition and I will be very grateful for this chance.

  47. Erman Ibram

    As the imagination can have wings and fly to imaginary worlds so writing can be a bound between these two worlds: reality and fiction.

  48. Bianca Pitran

    This contest will give the real opportunity to proove I have imagination and good writing skills.Hope to be selected.

  49. Andreea Vancea

    It will be a pleasant experience to create a world of my own, to improove my spelling.

  50. Bianca Virtopeanu

    I really apreciate your contest and I think that it’s a a very good way to descover new talents , to raise kids’ imagination and make them believe in themselves .

  51. Diana Dumitrache

    I was really surprised to see that some people are thinking about how to explore children’s talent . This contest is very inspired , and actually great .

  52. Cioba Adrian

    Hy I am a stundent from Transilvania and I’m very excited to this contest,beacuse I like English very much.I’m “far away” from Bucharest,and I hope to my imagination help me to write a nice essay for you.

  53. Andries-Libotean Radu

    Hello everybody, I’ve been learning English since I was 6! I really want to win something in my life learning English (not necessary this contest) Good luck to everybody!

  54. Hurghis Maria

    All i can say is that i’m glad i finally found something that can push my limits and let me know what’s my level. This contest has a very interesting and creative touch to it and i hope that i get a chance to prove what i can do.

  55. Petrescu Ruxandra

    This option that you can go for two weeks in a school in England, English pit, where even if you don’t want, you learn English. There in the island of Great Britain, you first learn pronunciation and then spoken by them, which is different from the one you learn in school. It is a unique chance to be among the British, you know the traditions of British and not least their wonderful language.

  56. Oana Stefanescu

    I can’t say what your idea of an “interesting and original” comment is, but I’m looking forward to participating in this contest.

  57. El Habashi Sara

    this contest will let me know what’s my level! it’s a great idea! i’ll do my best!

  58. Ioana Pupăză

    Two months ago, in one of my researches on Google I found the website of Shakespeare School. I was amazed because I couldn’t imagine the existence of a school like this in Romania. My only disappointment was that I’m not leaving in Bucharest so I can’t participate at the courses. But I read about the essay competition and I think that it is a great opportunity to have the chance to participate in a competition like this. When I read about the prices I became more motivated because I really want to go in one of those English summer schools.
    I am also delighted about the essay theme besause it’s very interresting and it requires you to be creative.
    In conclusion I want to say good luck to everyone and may the best win!
    Best Regards, Ioana.

  59. Stanciu Ioan

    I am very glad to participate to this contest and to see that’s my English level. Also, I want to congratulate the organizers and the sponsors for this great idea.
    Good luck everyone!

  60. Mirescu Stefania Alexandra

    Hi everybody! This great contest gives me a chance to combine my imagination with my passion for English. It’s a lovely opportunity for kids of my age. Wish me luck!

  61. Antonia Maria Tosu

    Well, nice challenge! Few days in England are worth all my efforts…The topic is more than interesting, and I will surely do my best to win! Thank you for the opportunity we are given.

    Hope to see you all in UK!

  62. Ometita-Dragos Catalina

    Hi there . In my opinion this contest is one of the best opportunity to see how creative we are . How can we can create our whole world from just writing words and let our imagination to fill this ,, perfect world ” . As I can say , I am really into this contest! So , I’d like to participate in it. I’ll try my best , and I’ll try to create my own little world , where anything can become real.
    With lot of love,

  63. Maria Beldie

    This unespected luck I had at the second edition of the essay cometition in 2010, made me more ambitious and incouraged me to participate at the third edition of the same contest. Don’t hesitate to participate, because Shakespeare School, makes our dreams come true, in another way. Good luck to everyone who is participating! Let the best, win!

  64. Done Diana

    I think it’s a big a oportunity for all of us.The most important thing it’s not to win, it’s to test our mind and imagination.We can also have fun doing this story so i wish everybody good luck and a clear mind.

  65. Muscariu Jessica

    In my opinion this is a good article to advertise for such a competition. I like the way the information are shown. After I have read everything in this article , I felt I had no further questions. I personally think you will have a great number of participants.

  66. Prodan Andrei Robert

    Creative contests are a great opportunity to get motivated!

  67. Costache Evelinne Bianca

    Cred ca Shakespeare school vrea sa descopere copii viitorului si fac asta sub forma de joaca cu esseuri,competitii si premii doar ca sa stimuleze copii sa arate de ce sunt in stare. Mi-a placut foarte mult ideea noului esseu si sunt sigura ca voi participa si eu. Mult succes copii ai viitorului… de oriunde ati fii.

  68. Paraschiv Laurentiu

    Is amazing the children’s talent who write for this creative contest. I love English and certainly I will participate at this competition.

  69. Pânea Cristiana

    Hy! I read about this contest,and I think it is very interesting, and I would like participate! It’s a great contest.

  70. Silion Medeea

    I suppose it doesn’t hurt to try. Although I was never a part of any of the Shakespeare School’s activities, I heard it’s great fun. More then that this contest really shows you how creative you can be. It is a great opportunity to see new places! So… I’m in! And I hope someday soon you will hear from me!

  71. Parviez Aiysha

    I realy think that this contest will be a little bit difficult, because there are only twenty prizes and probably two thousand participants… I still want to participate, though, beacause it is also a great opportunity to prove myself that I am a good English speaker and it would be stupid of me not to try, at least :D best wishes to all of you, guys, but also, may be I’ll meet you all in UK! See you! XD

  72. Chilom Ioana

    Hello! This ideea about the essay it’s great!! I like it so i decide to leave this note!! I hope i can do a good job with the essay! PS: the SHAKSPEAR SCHOOL…its soo amazing!!:D:))

  73. Popa Adina

    Hi!your school is amazing…This contest is very interesting…good luck everyone…

  74. Vasile Codrin Ioan

    I’m pretty sure this competition will REALLY be a competition. The number of essays is growing with every year, and that’s good news. I’m just about to start the essay. In my opinion, this is a brilliantly great contest.

  75. Bira Oana-Roxana

    A great chance to compete and test our knowledges, a way to aspire and dream at a national competition,it’s so good for those who are competitive with itself and want to overcome their limit. Good luck to each of you and thanks Shakespeare School for this opportunity.

  76. cotos eduard

    everything is ok…

  77. Moraru Ana-Elena

    I really like English and I want to learn more because everywhere you go you must know at least one language,even if you work at a fast food or a museum.

  78. Dumitrescu Alexandra

    This Essay Competition is a great oportunity for all of us.So why i wouldn’t give me a chance?From this i can improve my writing skills and learn what competition is. Good luck for everyone!!!

  79. Avganti Buican Patricia

    I hate contest and I have always hated them, yet when I found this one, with the “perfect world” theme, I decided to at leas try and expose my ideas to an evaluation. Probably this is the only advantage of contests: having tested your capacities.

  80. Moldovan Alex

    I think English is a way to comunicate with all people in this world. I’m for the first time in this competition and I hope to get better results. I’m excited to be one of thousands of children who participate in this competition and wish them all GOOD LUCK. Maybe I meet you all in UK. GOOD LUCK everyone.

    Moldovan Alex

  81. Uraru Catalin Daniel

    Your school is fantastic and I would like to be there myself. If I could teleport me there I would teleport.
    Can not wait to start writing the essay for the competition and more to develop my English language skills.
    Good luck for everyone.

  82. manuca maria sorana

    This competition is a great idea because it urges teenagers to develop their imagination and how to express themselves in English. The pictures are extraordinary but at the same time a little bit difficult.Nowadays,many teens have lost their imagination because of age.But this comprtition has a lot of interesting and beautiful prizes and i think that a half of the participants are thinking more at the prizes than the pleasure of speaking in english.I wish to win because i want very much to visit Anglia and to see diferent places. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!


    I like this competition because i can use my imagination.

  84. Razvan Olariu

    I think this essay could be an imaginary gate to introduce the reader into a magic world and to discover the beauty from somebody else’s eyes. It’s a great idea!

  85. Bianca Florea

    I like this competition because it’s a great opportunity to test our knowledge of English and we can use our imagination in an enjoyable way. I’m glad to find out that this competition is still on this year.

  86. Butnaru Vlad

    Mi se pare o idee geniala , o idee ce merita sustinuta si la care este foarte bine sa participam toti!

  87. Ivanoiu Alexandru

    This yearly competition gives everybody the chance of showing other people the creativity and the incredible ideas never shown!

  88. balint beatrice denisa

    If you have a chance to take advantage of it .. all the luck!

  89. Mihai Diana Valentina

    Wow! This essay competition is great! Each of us has the opportunity to “write, race and win”. This is actually a big chance for everybody to imagine a perfect world where everything is like we want and…writing this essay can bring us a great prize! Good luck to everybody!

  90. vrabie andreea irina

    i like the idea of a chance we have to improve our english language . the competition makes us want more to win and to be the best and if we win one of the prizes we will learn English . thank you for this opportunity.

  91. vrabie andreea irina

    wow acest concurs este o sansa pe care NU vreau s-o ratez ! sunteti minunati!

  92. Prohozescu Ciprian

    I have waited for so long to hear about such kind of contest! It’s great to have the opportunity to play with my own creativity using my favourite school subject, that is English. Good luck to all children!

  93. andrei alex

    Very good idea,the prizes are very nice,but it will be hard to win something.Whatever,i am going to write my best essay.

  94. Moraru Daniel

    I think this contest gives me the opportunity of showing my knowledge and gives me the chance of dreaming of a perfect world .I would like to win the big prize . May the best kid win!!! :D

  95. negrea andreea

    Through this competition children develop their imagination and creativity. It is very interesting and you can win many prizes.

  96. Gheorghe Ioana-Adelina

    It’s a very intersting and attractive competition beacause you have got change to winnig and you can be the BEST!
    Good luck!

  97. Gheorghe Ioana-Adelina

    It’s a very intersting and attractive competition because you have got change to winnig and you can be the BEST!
    Good luck!

  98. Vlad Andrada

    Aici am auzit ca trebuie sa ma inscriu la concurs lasand un comentariu la orice articol pe acest blog.Sper ca am facut bine!Mi se pare un concurs special si chiar daca nu castig ma bucur cu drag ca am participat!Succes tuturor!Paaa!

  99. Dobre Alexandra

    I really think that this is a very useful competition, which will help us to express ourselves more easily and which will make us trust in our own ideas, in our own imagination. Also, for me, winning this competition will be like fulfilling a dream, because since I was a little girl, I`ve dreamt to visit England and now I want to study in England, maybe at Oxford or Cambrigde.
    But, for now, may the best win. :)

  100. Ceian Ciprian George

    Hi. My teacher told me about this Essay Competition. I would like to participate, because I have a lot of ideas about my “Fantastic world”. I’ll do my best for you, and hopefully, somebody will appreciate my work.

    Good luck everybody !

  101. Cucoranu Corina

    I like very much the idea because I want all kids lives in a perfect world!

    Cucoranu Corina

  102. Carabella Kozeni Irina

    The theme is interesting as always. This is the 3rd time I’m participating and I hope I win something. I support this contest and good luck to all the people who are taking part in the competition!

    Carabella Kozeni Irina

    P.S. I also wrote this comment because I want to participate. :D

  103. Ferent Alexa

    This competition is great!I am very keen on writing and I like english!The theme is very interesting and the idea with the inspiration-photos is really cool!I am so IN!Good luck everyone!

    P.S.:Yeah,I REALLY want to participate and test my skills!

  104. Priala David

    I am very excited about this competition and I lock forward writing my essay.
    I like the four pictures which helps involving imagination. :)

  105. Şandru Teodora

    Dear Shakespeare School ,

    First of all , hello !
    My name is Teodora and I would really like to prove myself how much I have learned in the past few years.
    I already checked the themes and they are all really inspiring and I do already have some ideas.

    I hope I will participate at this competition.

    Thank you for taking your time reading this.

    , Teodora

  106. Ardelean Răzvan Mitel

    A wonderfull idea, a good way to develop our creativity and fantasy, especially on our days, when they are inhibated and so rearly used by our generation. I want very much to participe. I have some good ideas about a perfect world, a challenging theme because its amplitude, because everyone see the perfect world in his personal way, none of them resambling with the others. I wish all of you good luck.

    Ardelean Razvan Mitel

  107. Manolache Sergiu Andrei

    A lot of people are gonna compete this year.Every child is verry excited about this contest.I’m gonna do my best to win this contest…Good Luck And Have Fun:D

  108. Pozdarie Alexandra

    I am happy that I found out about this contest that allows us to show our imagination and ideeas.I hope that I will be chosen to enter the competition and present to you a fantasy world.In my conception,the perfect world is diffrent for everyone and is what people make it for themselves but of course if I have to think about how that world would be for me,lots of ideeas start bombarding my head and I can barely choose from them the best ones to define my ideal world.
    Again,I hope to be chosen for entering the competition and having a chance to win.

  109. Dinescu

    This contest is exciting, educational and constructive. For me, this gives me a chance to be a winner!

  110. Antonia Chirtes

    I find this competition very interesting, and I think that it’s a great idea to join this kind of competition because we have the chance to meet new people and to express ourselves. Even if we don’t win we still can be proud of us that we did something in plus that maybe is gonna help us in the future.
    I’m very excited and I can’t wait to start my essay! Good luck everybody!

  111. Ioan Mihnea Marinescu

    I find the idea of this contest very stimulating and I congratulate those who had the idea of this interesting contest. And since I’m a fan of the English Language, I will try my luck by joining the contestants team.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  112. Ionita Anamaria Carla

    I find this contest very intriguing, volunteering is very ‘popular’ in our days and this essay competition just hits the target.
    Long live Shakespeare School!

  113. Borşa Sonia

    Very useful this competition. I will participate!
    Will be fun! ♥

  114. Dugeniuk Alesia

    I really think this is a great opportunity to let your imagination blow out of your mind and let it spread on a little piece of paper … then the paper can fly through many different worlds and it can be read by various people …
    Thanks to you we can also find out the stories England hides.

  115. Balcan Alexandru

    I heard about this competition. And I think it very cool.I am happy because I’m going to take part in this competition:).I like other children to take part in because it is very nice.

  116. Visan George-Mihail

    I’ve just heard about this competition and I’m loving it! I’m looking forward to take part. I have funny ideas and I think it’s very challenging to express them in English. Thank you for this great opportunity!

  117. Matei Negulei

    I can’t wait to tost my knowledge with other children.It’s a wonderful contest.I wish good luck to the other children.I will participate and I will give my best.

  118. Marin Andreea

    Cati copii pleaca in Anglia??

  119. Cioclov Roxana

    I am very happy about this competition . I find this a very good idea to write about a perfect world . I’ll do my best and I’ll join the competition !
    Thank you for this chance !
    Good luck everybody !

  120. Ghilusi Adriana

    A contest tests how clever you are,so, that`s why I find it very interesting.I have been studying English for 7 years.This contest it`s an opportunity for me to chek my knoweldege and se how creative i am,so…I hope I`ll be the best!

  121. Chiciudean Ancuta Petruta

    Is an interesting contest and it’s useful because we can use our imagination in a cretive way.Wish me luck.

  122. Dumitrescu Alexandra

    I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to participate at this contest!

  123. Popa Razvan

    I really want to win a prize! England here I come!

  124. Lazar Andreea

    I want to win this contest! I really like English and this is a great opportunity to practice my writing.

  125. Stroia Matei

    I have already made my luggage for England so I really hope to win this contest!

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    I really want to win this contest, so England here I come! I think this contest is a really great idea and the prizes are wonderful!

  127. Tincuta Barar

    Hi, everybody! I`m an English teacher and together with my students it`s our first time on Shakespeare School. We`ll try on the contest because we think it`s interesting and useful for english learners. Good luck everyone!!! May the best win.

  128. Pop Adrian Ionut

    This competition is great, because teens can participate aged between 11 and 19 years.
    It is quite amazing given.

  129. Popescu Georgiana

    i love this competition, because all teenagers can participate , and they learn new things. It’s a great competition.

  130. Ganea Ioana

    Acest concurs este foarte bun deoarece iti pune la incercare creativitatea si te invata sa iti deschizi mintea spre a face ceva creativ.Din acest concurs poti invata sa iubesti engleza si sa dai frau liber creativitatii.

  131. Vladu Daniela

    Thank you for this opportunity. I have already begun writing my essay. I want to win this!

  132. Murg Daniel

    I hope you are prepared because I am the best at english :D Good luck all!!!

  133. Budeanu Alin

    I am very glad, because I found this competition!I think is very interesting!This is a chance for us to put our imagination and knowledge of English to the test!I want to win this competition but I think it would be better to say:The best to win! I wish good luck!

  134. Dascalu Lidia

    First,I thought it was just a simple contest,with no importance…but…now I find it to be very beautiful because this is the first step of learning English!It is a great competition and I wish you all good luck!

  135. Dascalu Lidia

    First,I thought it was just a simple competition,with no importance….but now I find it very beautiful because this is the first step of learning English!It is a great competition and I wish you all good luck!

  136. Dascalu Lidia

    First, I thought it was just a simple competition but now I find it very exciting because everyone can take part in it. Good luck to you all!

  137. breban iulia

    This is my first competition and I will participate with pleasure !
    good luck everybody!!!

  138. Raicu Andreea-Liliana

    It is a contest awesome, attractive and very well suited for all teens! I’m glad I have the honor to participate!

  139. Gheorghe Adelina

    It’s a great competition where you can win and be the best! Join us because you will not regret it! I enjoy that part! Is very fun!

  140. OANA

    nice! is a competition well prepared and I think all who know English can be! pictures are also superb!

  141. Darie Ioana

    I think this contest is very interesting because develop imagination and skills.

  142. lory

    This is an interesting competition. I want to write this essay. I’m very happy because i have found the “rules”.

  143. Peter

    It’s a coooooooool competition. it’s for everyone who know english, and the pictures are also coool :D

  144. Peter

    To Murg Daniel:

    I’m more better at English than you!

  145. Peter

    (to finish my last comment)

    >:)) :)

  146. Radulescu Stefan

    I love this contest because is very interesting and you have to put your mind think !!

  147. Vultur Marian Catalin

    I`m in the competition:)

  148. Gheorghinca Raluca-Andreea

    Hello! I like English and I believe this is a good opportunity for us to take part in this competition.

  149. Muzsikas Noemi Clementina

    It is a wonderful opportunity for me to get experience by writing an imaginary essay in English…

  150. Sibianu George-Ciprian

    It’s a interesting competition.I think is a good idea to develop our knowledge of English.I hope I won somethin of this awards.

  151. Birsanu Oana

    This is the opportunity to express our ideas about the perfect world that we all had dreamed when we were children, and a good opportunity to develop our skills and imagination. may the best win . good luck all !

  152. Sibianu George-Ciprian

    It’s a interesting competition.I think is a good idea to develop our knowledge of English.I hope I won something of this awards.

  153. Raducu Valentin

    Shakespeare-School is a interesting competition.

  154. claudiu

    :)) :D


    It is a great opportunity to show your English knowledge. The topic of the essay is interesting and even if I won’t be one of the winners, at least I’ll try to do my best.


    I already have lots of ideas about the topic and I can’t wait to create a perfect world.

  157. bacanu andreea ioana

    this contest is very nice and interesting I really like english and was guided by my English teacher and I to attend grand lece was also participated in the contest if English from shakespeare school

  158. Labusteanu Diana-Catalina

    is a good idea ..I can not wait to write essay..

  159. Ianc Raluca

    this summer is ours! i can’t wait for it to begin. i hope i will win it with all the great writers from this country!

  160. Rosu Adrian

    A competition for me means to accept ,to understand and to believe in YOUR PARTNER.I’m glad to be a participant in this competition.

  161. Paval Simona

    This competition is very interesting. It is a good way to develop your English knowledge. Good luck everyone!

  162. Oncescu Andreea

    :)can’t wait

  163. Lupu Madalina

    I think is a great idea to give us the chance to write about a wonderful world to live in. I hope I will write a great essay and I will win a prize. I know this experience will help me to learn more about English.

  164. Medan Lorand Angelo

    Este foarte frumos acest site imi place si as vrea sa particip la concursul de esee.

  165. Oncescu

    Very interesting competition.I have a lot of ideas for the essay.May the best win!

  166. Ursu Alexandru

    I believe English is the most musical language and this is a great opportunity to create a perfect world where everybody use English to express his feelings .

  167. Musat Ana Maria

    is a good opportunity to practice my English.GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!

  168. Bratucu Andrei

    Intresting ideea you had with this contest. I was looking forward to something like this, cuz i find writing very easy and nice. It will be a pleasure to join this contest and may the best man win.

  169. Constantin Bianca Stefania

    An excellent ideea! A contest that helps the children to practice their english by motivating them with attractive prizes.Good luck to you all!

  170. Camelia Crisan

    Heii.This competition is so helpful and we can use all our imagination to create the best story we can.I already have an idea and all subjects are amazing.I hope I will do my best and good luck everyone.!:)

  171. Andreescu Dana

    Acest concurs mi se pare o idee minunata. Ne ajuta sa invatam engleza si sa fim creativi. Ma bucur sa particip si eu. Succes tuturor !

  172. Golea Andrada Gloria

    I like the fact that there is such a competition for my age. I like English and I have a rich imagination, so this is just what I was looking for!

  173. Nistor Georgiana

    Even if I don’t win a trip to England this contest is still a good idea. I can improve my English and my writing skills! Good luck everyone!

  174. Nan Andrada Elena

    I cannot wait to win a prize!

  175. Cîrcu Mihai

    I have a lot of ideas for the essay!

  176. Juratoni Luigi

    I am a good writer and I like the images. I’m sure my essay will be very good!

  177. Popa Paul

    I am very excited to participate at this contest!

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    This essay contest is a wonderful idea!

  179. Macovei Alexandra Maria

    I want to go to England!

  180. Pascu Roberto Nicola

    I’m looking forward to this contest! Maybe I’ll win something…it would be great!

  181. Arama Ramona

    I’m so excited to participate! Thank you, Shakespeare School for this opportunity! Good luck, everyone!

  182. Stanciu Ioana

    I think this contest will be very popular. Children have infinite horizons of imagination. Looking foward to writting the essay. Good luck to everyone!

  183. Iulia Grama

    I honestly can’t wait to send my essay wich is already finished, but I still need to work a little bit so it’ll be the best.I wish you all a sincerely good luck and thank you Shakespeare School for these great subjects!:)

  184. Streitmatter Andreas-Christian

    I have 11 years I want to attend to this competition.Good luck to everyone!

  185. Pircalabu Maria

    I think it’s the best opportunity for children with talent, to take the chance to participate in summer camps with others childrens from all over the world. I hope that I’ll be one of them !!! : )

  186. Claudia Harsan

    Hello ewerybody!
    My name is Claudia and I am studying as a C-Senior Level student at Lexis School. Last summer I received first prize as “Creative Writing Award”. See my profile on page of Lexis blog on 8th Oct.2010.
    I would like to attend this new contest beeing very challenging.
    With love, Claudia.

  187. Lenuț Răzvan

    This is a very good idea!

  188. Alexandru

    Hy my name is Alex Huditean and like this contest very much

  189. Veres Vanesa

    It`s an interesting contest and i like it very much!

  190. Cristina Maria Podocea

    Well , I`ve been waiting for this competition since … since the last competition . I wrote an essay last year too and I was really excited .I was making plans like what clothes would I take with me in England , lots of lists of luggages and other crazy stuffs . I worked really hard for that essay but , unfortunatelly , I haven`t win . That`s when my world and my dreams of going to England ruined . Until now . :] The competition is on again and this time I`m going to win and make my dream come true . That`s a promise !
    Anyway :) I just wanna say ” good luck ! ” to all the kids that are involved in this competition and if you`re not going to be that one who will win , don`t ever give up ! This competition is not the first neither the last chance .
    So … Forget about the prize and the oppinion of the other people and let the beauty come from your heart .
    That`s all I wanted to say .
    Peace and enjoy your life :]

  191. Tanasa Liliana Maria

    Volunteering mean that you care about the others and you do something to help them. To be a volunteer means to be involved in something that can help our world to be a better place. To do nothing means to deserve nothing.

  192. daniel niculae

    This contest is very intresting!!!

  193. Andrei Constantinescu

    This contest is very good

  194. Ciobanu Robert Adrian

    It’s a coool competition.I want to win this contest! I really like English and I will participate with pleasure . Thank you:)))

  195. Iftimie Raluca Andreea

    First of all, I think that we should understand the message of this competition.It is not” Hello ,you have the chance to win a prize now ! ” or “Take your bags and go to England”.The message is actually: “You have the opportunity to understand what are the most important things , to understand why it’s good to help other people,why it’s wrong to expect help from others without doing anything for them.”Once we understand these things, we can dream, why not, to win this great competition !

  196. Edward Oancea

    I like English, especially making compositions, because I consider I have a great imagination. Thank you for your essay challenge!:D

  197. Vlad Rac

    Your competition is very interesting and I would like to take part in.I love your theme and I hope I will be one of the lucky winner.

  198. mindrean_denisa

    I really like this site.si think is very interesting and exciting contest.

  199. Sugar Anamaria

    I think this contest it’s a very good idea.It’s a great opportunity for me…to see my English level.GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

  200. Balan Ceista

    Very nice

  201. Balan Ceista

    I like it

  202. Indoitu Victor

    I think, this is best competition, because it develop creativity and it is very interesting. I like to write imaginary stories. I am very glade to be a participant in this competition.

  203. Ionescu Paula

    I like this competition,is very interesting


    I think its a great idea because I like ENGLISH and I love the competitions

  205. Eduard

    I really like this contest because it is interesting

  206. Luciana Hoancă

    Am aflat de acest concurs de eseuri si, desi am 11 ani, doresc sa particip si eu. Bineinteles ca nimic nu-i usor, dar cu multa perseverenta, poti ajunge departe. Concursul de eseuri este foarte incitant si ne face sa visam la o tabara in UK.
    Este o mare oportunitate pentru noi.

  207. Theodora

    Shakespeare has the most awsome ideas for essays.
    I have only one problem with their rules and I thin I’m not the only one:
    All the kids have imagination and 350 words are too little,but in general Shakespeare school ROCKS!!!

  208. Theodora

    Sorry I wanted to say:’and I THINK(with ‘k’,not thin):-)

  209. Nitu Felicia

    I love this new idea with the pictures!!! :d

  210. onisie robert

    it’s a very very nice ideea the prises are awsom i like very much english like other 10000 children in the word and i want to patricipe

  211. Craciun Mihai Dumitru

    I like this tipe of content because it is very interesting and in the same time very funny.

  212. Felix Husac

    Interesting competition! 350 Words not enough to express such a subject.

  213. Német Hunor

    This competition is a great opportunity for me to test and improve my English writing skills. I’m not quite sure yet what I’m going to write, I’ll take my time to think about it. I wrote this comment only to register. Thank you and Good Luck to you all! :)

  214. Catalin

    That`s great !

  215. Crasovan Catalin

    That`s great !! I like this type of contest !

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    I would like to join this contest!~ English is always fun,and taking part at this contest would be wonderful!

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  224. Tocaian Cristian

    It will be a pleasant experience to create a world of my own, to improove my spelling.

  225. lazar larisa-maria

    is beautiful

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    this competition help us to open our imagination!I like it!

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    the site is useful for children to learn english

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    wow. so cool ~Good luck everyone ^_^

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    I like this competition because i can use my imagination.

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    I really like this competition and I hope I will write one of the most interesting and original essays.Good Luck to everybody!

  238. Andreea Bora

    I have a lots of ideas for this essay.I would like to be one of lucky winners.For me, what’s the most important is having fun and I wish good to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  239. Marta Raluca Alexandra

    I like very much because is beautiful amd very nice.

  240. Preda Roberta

    This competition is really interesting…….I hope you enjoy my essay…….Good luck everyone!!

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    Good luck evrynone!

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    Is really interesting…..hope to get the first prize!

  243. Macalau Sinziana

    This site was recommended to me by a teacher.It is interesting, creative and fun as it lets the children say their opinions about the life they would like to have.This contest gives me the opportunity to use my imagination and improve my English.

  244. Maram Hmaidan

    This contest is one of my favorite!
    I’ve read the article and I am so excited to participate this year again.:)
    The subject is really interesting and I hope that I’ll write an interesting essay.
    Good luck everyone! :)

  245. Maram Hmaidan

    A smiley face to everyone! :) :) :)
    And good luck …again!

  246. Dobre Arina

    I like writing and mixing it with english is amazing!

  247. Popescu Daniel

    You can have everything. But not all at once.(Oprah Winfrey)

  248. Badai Denisa

    yaay!Can’t wait to finish my essay;I have some unusual ideas.I hope that in the future we’ll be more contests like this.It’s good to free your mind from the daily,and try to write or read something pure and original to forget all the bad things that are happening in the real life.
    P.S:Good luck everybody,and try to be original;no limits to imagination! :)

  249. theodora

    I love those pictures and I hope I introduced them well.I think we all can win and if we won’t, Shakespeare school essay competition will be here next year, too.

  250. Doris

    You can’t see love but you can feel it.You can’t see health but it it makes you feel.You can’t see the sound of music running to your ears but it makes you healthy.

    Faff Doris

  251. Lupascu Andreea

    I like this competition! I think it’s very interesting.

  252. Solomon Raluca-Maria

    I like this competition organized by the “Shakespeare School” because I can improve my English knowledge.

  253. Juhasz Dominik Gabor

    Limba engleza este o limba de baza. Limba aceasta trebuie invatata ca sa putem prevala in lume. Ma bucur ca pot participa la o asemenea concurs. Sper ca voi castiga si pot sa calatoresc in alte tari straine.

  254. Vilcu Daniela Stefania

    I think this competition is the best idea to attract and encourage students to put in evidence their imagination and say YES creativity.

  255. Avram Bianca

    This contest is very popular because the essays ideas are very interesting.1st prize is a dream for everyone.Good luck!

  256. Avram Bianca

    I like this contest!the essays ideas are very interesting!

  257. Andrei Sofariu

    I’m very excited about participating in this competition. This is a real challenge and I always like challenges. Good luck everybody !

  258. Bocaniciu Mihnea Ovidiu Ioan

    This is my first competition at english so it will be very nice. I hope everybody will have fun thinking at the perfect world nad i want to wish good luck to all participants.

  259. Bocaniciu Mihnea Ovidiu Ioan


  260. Muresan Bogdan

    a contest where you can express your creativity

  261. Iulia

    Este foarte interesant acest concurs si cred ca merita tot efortul.Apreciez acest concurs si pentru faptul ca nu are nici o taxa de participare ca si la alte concursuri.
    Va doresc mult succes tuturor!

  262. Diaconescu Radu

    I am going to participate at the Essay competition! I think it’s a great idea. And I think my dog will love it too. He eats about 7PM every day. That means he eats about 7 Pet Meals every day. He will love to it my essay, too!

  263. Popescu Matei

    “Romania’s got talent” and I want to prove it. I hope I have what it takes.

  264. Popescu Matei

    I really appreciate this contest, it’s a good opportunity for us to improve our English. Thank you for giving us this chance!

  265. Munteanu Horia Bogdan

    I will participate in this competition because i LOVE english. GOOD LUCK!

  266. Marculescu Cornelia

    I really like the essay topic. I found this contest very interesting. :]

  267. Besoiu Cristina

    I love this contest! I want to win a prize. It’s the perfect opportunity to show my knowledge in my favourite language:ENGLISH!
    Good luck everyone!!

  268. Florina Suciu

    For me this competition is very interesting and I would like to be one of the winners.

  269. Dariana

    Hey guys!!I found this site last week and I think it is pretty cool…Yesterday I finished my essay:)I hope it will be interesting;)
    by the way…english ruless!!

  270. Bicoi Nicoleta Alexandra

    The essay topic is very interesting.
    This contest it`s an opportunity for us.
    Good luck everyone!!

  271. Cinda Lavinia

    Concursul acesta mi se pare foarte interesant.
    Imi place foarte mult pentru ca prin intermediul lui poti sa inveti limba engleza mai bine.
    Va doresc mult succes tuturor!!!

  272. Rusu Ionel

    This competition is very interesting!i want to win the big prize or some of the other prizes!good luck every one!

  273. Laura Fanu

    Hi! My name is Laura. It will be a pleasure for me to write the essay, because I think english is the most important language and we all need to learn it.I love the essay topic and I love this contest. It will be an honour for me to participate.

  274. Pavel Irina

    I will write the essay

  275. Matis Dora

    I think,that is a great competition!
    The topic is very nice, too!
    With love:Dora:)

  276. elena piticea

    This contest supports children who love English and rewards them what I find amazing! Is an excellent idea! Congratulations to all

  277. Vergu Bianca

    I think is a big challenge for me to write an essay in English. Is a great opportunity for all of us. Everything will be fine.

  278. Rares

    Let the best win!

  279. Luciana Craciun

    Waw!Interesting.Ok,i have some ideas.The contest is very useful.The contest is a oportunity to go in other country,to speak in other language.And a oportunity to give your imagination.

  280. Roman Medeea

    Hi!I`m very excited to participate in a competition like this and I think it’s a great idea. I hope that my essay would be appreciated and good luck to all participants!

  281. Angelo Dragomir

    I can hardly wait to send you my essay.
    Good luck to everyone!

  282. Soare Alina-Georgiana

    Frumusetea competitiei nu consta in mirajul premiului care pentru multi va ramane doar un vis, ci in satisfactia pe care ti-o ofera participarea.
    In lumea perfecta a copilariei nu exista decat invingatori!

  283. Bianca Petrache

    Hello! This is the second time I will participate at this competition and I am glad that I can prove that I have some abillities in English language.Last time ,I won a special prize and now I want to participate because Shakespeare School is like a friend for me.As a prize I also had a 2 week classes at Shakespeare School and those classes were very useful for me.Now,I hope to win one of the biggest prizes.So,GOOD LUCK for all the competitors!:)

  284. Buda Carla

    This is an amazing opportunity for young writers to show what they can do. I really wish to participate and can’t wait to sent what I’ve written.

  285. Bizgan Diana

    very interesting…

  286. Circa Andreea

    I’m very glad because of this competition.
    This is an amazing opportunity for all children.

  287. Circa Andreea

    I’m very glad because of this competition! It’s a nice idea.
    I also participated last year and the theme was just as nice and interesting as this year’s theme.
    The contest is a wonderful opportunity for all children that have abilities in English.
    Good luck !

  288. catalina

    the contest is beautyful.i like Shakeaspear school.

  289. catalina chitaru

    This competition is very interesting!i want to win the big prize or some of the other prizes!good luck every one!

  290. Popa David

    I would like to participate at this contest beacuse I liked very much the theme and I wanted to express my own ideas.

  291. Baitan Andrada

    I found this essay contest, the professor of English and I find it very interesting. The children’s talent show contest in English. I want to be part of it and show you everything I know.

  292. Baitan Andrada

    I want to participate in this contest to be able to express my own ideas to show you everything I know.

  293. Stanciu Laura Elena

    This competition is a unique opportunity for students at Romania to learn write an essay on a specific theme.

  294. Nistorescu Andrei

    I am 11 years old and this is the first time I can participate to this contest. I am not thinking about winning, I just want to practice my English. I love English! I think all kids my age should try their best. And who knows? One may be surprised to win one of the prizes. If not, better luck next time.

  295. mindrean_denisa

    This site is very interesant.With this site we will repeat English and have fun

  296. Balla Gabriella

    I think that “The perfect world”idea is a perfect choice because we can share our opinion with everyone.I believe that together we can create a better world.We can have different ideas but the topic is the same:A PERFECT WORLD.Good luck everyone!

  297. Acatrinei Andreea

    Concursul ofera noi posibilitati de a lasa frau imaginatiei…deci Da-i bataie!

  298. bianca boca

    It is a intersting competition.

    GOOD LUCK everybody!!

  299. Luca Bianca

    It’s great!I’d really like to join this competion!!!

  300. Marginean Cristiana

    Este un concurs interesant, acceptabil varstei noastre, in care imaginatia nu are margini.

  301. Solomon Florentina

    Hi!Este un concurs deosebit si interesant!
    Mult succes tuturor:)

  302. Hotea Cristina

    is wonderfull

  303. Teodoroiu Ioana

    I saw in this competition a chance to express myself freely thinking that the perfect world I created was around me while I was writing.I’d love to join this competition so my ideal world will be free to fly from my imagination into anybody mind.

  304. Coc Eliza

    This competition it is a best ideea.I’s great to test your english.

  305. Popescu Dana Ioana

    English my love! concursul reprezinta pentru mine o oportunitate de a cunoaste Anglia cu toate frumusetile ei.
    Mult succes tuturor!

  306. Manole Iulia Cristina

    Engleza este viata mea! iar concursul este unul minunat ce-mi ofera posibilitatea de a patrunde in tainele limbii engleze.

  307. Bartha Robert

    In my opinion, this competition is very interesting and useful for our minds. We can let our ideas freely and what have we gonna do is to write them in a essay.I think that everyone has at least one idea about a perfect world for us.

  308. Prager Catrina

    I love english!!+I love writing!!= I love this contest! I participated last year and I didn’t win, but I’m back with bright new ideas!!

  309. Rogozan Catalina

    I want to take part of this essay contest because I think english is the most important language at the moment,and if you know this language more doors wiil be open to you.

  310. Muntean Itu Georgia Alina

    It is a really cool idea. This essay competition rocks!


    O adevarata competitie!Multa imaginatie si mult noroc pentru participanti!

  312. Cucu Mihai

    Thank you Shakespeare School for giving me the opportunity to explore my imagination and write once more.
    Good luck to all the participants and a special thought for the teachers who will work hard to read and assess hundreds of essays.

  313. Latea Elena Aniela

    Hy ! My name is Aniela and this is the first time when I participate at this contest.
    I think this is an innovative ideea and a big oportunity for all of us !!!
    Good job !

  314. Costin Paul Razvan

    Last year I participated to the essay competition. It was a great experience that is why I have decided to take part to this year competition. The subject of the essay is very interesting and it gives you the possibility to explore my imagination.

  315. Tiponut Denisa Nicoleta

    I am glad to be able to see that there are persons who encourage young people to develop their language skills. This is also a great opportunity to put to a test my knowledge. Thank you for giving us a chance to show what can we do.

  316. stefania voicu

    I am very excited! I never participated to a “Shakespeare School” competition. If I get the prise I will be very happy!
    Wish me luck!

  317. stefania voicu

    I am very excited! I never participated to a “Shakespeare School”
    competition. If I win the prise I will be very happy!
    Wish me luck!

  318. Mai sunt 10 zile! A inceput numaratoarea inversa | Shakespeare School

    [...] un îndemn la implicare şi responsabilizare, fiind adecvate fiecarei categorii de varsta in parte: 11-14 ani, respectiv 15-19 ani. Elevii de gimnaziu au de realizat un eseu în care, pornind de la patru [...]

  319. Buzatu Maria Alexandra

    Cred ca acest concurs este foarte bun pt dezvoltarea limbii engleze in ceea ce ne priveste pe toti.Mie imi place tema si va urez succes !!!

  320. Bute Dragos-Cristian

    I think this competition is a great ideea because it really puts your imagination to test.I can’t wait to see the final results.

  321. Mocanu Cristian-Constantin

    I think it is a great chance to discover students` creativity because a lot of boys and girls enter this competition.

  322. Visan Bianca-Andreea

    Hi!I’m Bianca Visan.I’m twelve and I like English very much.I think this competition is a very good idea because we,students can learn more and improve our English

  323. Dumitrescu Andrei-Flavius

    Hello!I am Andrei.I like English and I think this competition gives me the chance to express my ideas.I think everyone needs a dream.My dream is to be a famous football player and I do my best to learn at school,to improve my English and I am sure that the most important thing in life is to work hard to make your dream come true.

  324. Andreea Draghin

    This competition is great because I’m always excited to do essays about a different world, a fantasy world. By the way I like the picture of the competition”Write,race,win”, because it gives me a good atmosphere.

  325. luciana muntean

    Hello everyone is Luciana and I have 13 years. This is my first experience of this kind and I hope I will be able to cope.I wish success to all !!!!!

  326. Balta Bianca Ionela

    Hi.I like this project, and I welcome participation.Good luck!

  327. Antonie Alexandru Ovidiu

    It is interesting that the competition for English language development

  328. Andrada Tomoni

    I see this competition as an unique chance for each and every one of us to speak out, to let our imagination fly and express our thoughts using the purest form of art on Earth: writing.
    Even though this is a competition, I wish everyone good luck… including me, of course.

    Andrada Tomoni

  329. Alle

    This contest is the best!I love it!

  330. Andreea Brezaiu

    I like this competition! Good luck everyone! >:d<

  331. Dinescu Maria

    you had a great ideea with this essay competition, shakespeare school!!it is a great way to improve our english.

  332. Tők Maria-Veronica

    This competition is graet because it helps us to put our mind,to uitl,we think of something beautiful.Is put a challange for us,all be the best win!
    Good Luck!

  333. Aparu Dan

    May the imagination be with you.

  334. Dozsa Anisoara Victoria

    I have always enjoyed reading fantasy books, as I think that they let us escape into a world where our imagination can go wild. This competition is a wonderful way for me to show my creativity and my ideas.

  335. Gligor Delia

    I have a huge passion for literature and I’m so glad I finally found a competition which let children to prove their abilities and creativity. I wish ‘good luck’ to everyone :)

  336. Matei Adrian Gabriel

    This competition is, if you look inside its symbols , an action which has a very interesting goal: not making students write essays about some subjects. The goal is making the students combine their imagination and creativity with their english talents and essay writing skills. Good luck to everyone!

  337. Lutu Alexandru

    It’s a good intention of Shakespeare School to do such of this competition. Good luck to everybody.

  338. Tudor

    Nice images!

  339. Stefania Manta

    This contest is an open window for me, for you and for us!
    Good luck to everyone!

  340. Chifa Anna Mihaela

    I have never participated in an essay competition, that is why I want to take part in it this year!

  341. pais roxana stefania

    I like it !

  342. Guţică Lucian

    What do I lose? I guess we can do this for fun. If you ignore the fancy price it is just a chance to see what we can do and if we are good.

  343. Lungu vlad

    Awsome!!!All of you got an exellent idea!

  344. Sipoteanu

    It’s a nice competition.
    Good luck to everyone!

  345. Daniel Ene

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity your school offers to us! Good luck for every one! Let your imagination run wild!:D

  346. Andreea Greceanu

    This competition makes us develop our imagination. Good luck everyone!

  347. Ungureanu Andrei

    Good luck every one!

  348. Andreea Voicu

    I think this is a great oportunity to pass the borders of my imagination, to creat something new, a world, my own perfect world. Our dreams are the friut of our imagination, and beliveing in them gives us hope,a reason to smile and laugh.
    I will do my best in winning this contest! Good luck to everybody! May the best one win!

  349. Tronaru Antonia Bianca

    I wish I win a prize at this contest,but I think that taking part in this competition is more important because I get experience!
    Thank you for the invitation!


    buna! ma numesc andreea si imi place foarte mult limba engleza si concursurile de acest fel. desi am mai participat si anul trecut dar nu am fost printre castigatori nu ma las invinsa . mult noroc tuturor!

  351. Ema

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  352. Roxy


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  354. Petra

    Really interesting pictures!

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    Hi ! My name is Ella .

  356. Diana Dumitriu

    I think this contest is interesting because it is a challenge for childrenand is based on imagination.

  357. Marinescu Radu Marian

    Imi place limba engleza si mi s-a parut placut sa scriu in aceasta limba, punandu-mi si imaginatia la contributie.
    Sper sa ca eseul meu sa fie printre cele castigatoare.

  358. Iulia Iordache

    Very nice competition! Good luck everyone!

  359. Alexandra Vrinceanu

    I like imagining all kinds of things! Thanks for your wonderful idea! Good luck!

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    this competition is very interesting !!I like the theme essay!1

  361. Boje Mara Alexandra

    I like the theme essay!!! this is very interesting competition!!!!!!!!!!!11

  362. Calin Adela

    I think this is a great oportunity to pass the borders of my imagination, to creat something new, a perfect world to live in!

  363. Vlioncu Miruna

    This contest seems very interesting and it can also help us -the children- to improve our English writing skills.

  364. Andreea Elisa Roff

    Hi!I think this is a wonderful opportunity for kids to show their talent and their imagination in a competition like this.I start working at my essay and I like it very much.My dream is to win this contest,leanr more english because I really like it (is my favourite subject), and go to England.I belive in my talent and I know I will do a good job.Please add me at the contest…good luck for all participants…Elisa :)

  365. State Bianca Elena

    I`s a great idea!
    The contest is a very good idea to show how much English do you know. I like it !

  366. Romina

    May the best win!

  367. Goia Adrian

    This is a nice opportunity to test our imagination. May the best win!Good luck!

  368. Gyorfy Hajnalka

    Hi!It is my first essay competition and I often dreamed about a perfect world,but now I have a chance to write my fantasies.I am happy to send you my essay and my best wishes for all competitors…..Hajnalka

  369. Badea Simona

    Hey good idea again! I participated and the last year and it is very cool and the idea with ”perfect world” is great. Keep up the good work!

  370. Marzacioiu Timea

    Hey everyone. I really love this contest. I don’t care if I don’t win a prize,it’s just beautiful in his way cause it is helping me to fin my inter inspiration if I may say it in this way. It’s full of creativity and imagination. I love it. NO matter what. You learn more english and it is helping you to understand more this wonderful language.The last thing I want to say it’s good luck to all contestents. …Timea.

  371. Mitocaru Irina

    very nice, an opportunity to enrich your knowledge.

  372. Mitocaru Irina

    very nice, an opportunity to enrich your knowledge

  373. Andrei Crina Raluca

    I consider that this essay competition is very useful for the students who want to learn English and for the students who know this lovely language.

  374. Butuc Robert George

    I am happy to get into the competition…

  375. Militaru Catalin

    Everyone will be a winner in this competition. I AM GLAD TO BE IN!

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    It’s a great competition and the topic of it is quite easy…

  377. Timo Andrei

    This is a wonderful competition and a great topic :)



  379. Moldovan Madalina

    I heard about the competition from a classmate, he participated last year too. The idea sounded great to me that’s why I decided to test my imagination and write an essay. The rewards are also great.

  380. Cristea Teodora Carmen

    Hey! I am very glad to join this adventure and I know this is going to be a challenge for me but still I do believe in my English skills and I hope I will win and I consider myself funny.Thank you Shakespeare school for this oppurtunity so that we can continue our dreams that now came true:)

  381. Gibellini Claudia Carla

    I really enjoyed the topic of the competition, so I am in….

  382. Silion Diana Georgiana

    I’m in the competition !

  383. Andreea Itu

    It’s my pleasure to take part, for the third time, in the famous Essay Competition held by Shakespeare School every year. I’ve been really looking forward to participating once again, and the topic of the essay was no surprise to me: as interesting as always.
    What’s more, it seems like the prizes are even more attractive than the previous year. If the rule works for the future editions of the contest, then the best of us will soon receive outer-space trips to an English-speaking planet called FAME!

  384. Pintilie Camelia

    I’m in the competition :D :) :x

  385. Butnariu Andreea

    I find this topic very interesting and a great chance to express your ideas.Good luck everyone!(:

    Butnariu Andreea

  386. Teliban Catalina

    The best way for us to show our creativity.

  387. Dumitrache Andreea Catalina

    Great! Everyone can test themselves here. Not to mention the topic chosen for this essay: Your Perfect World… This is a great chance for all of us who love English. I believe it is also a good chance to give ideas on how we should change our world to make it a better place to live in. I just love it! I hope everyone does it’s best because I will. Good luck to everyone!

  388. Alexandru Marius

    Buna! Sunt Marius si vreau sa spun ca mi-a placut foarte mult tema eseului. Acesta este primul meu eseu in limba engleza si nici nu mi-am dat seama cand am scris 350 de cuvinte. Sper ca tuturor le-a placut tema eseului la fel de mult ca si mie.
    Va urez tuturor noroc in continuare!

  389. Alexandru Marius

    Buna! Sunt Marius si vreau sa spun ca mi-a placut foarte mult tema eseului. Acesta este primul meu eseu in limba engleza si nici nu mi-am dat seama cand am scris 350 de cuvinte. Chiar mi-a pus imaginatia la incercare! Sper ca tuturor le-a placut tema eseului la fel de mult ca si mie.
    Va urez tuturor noroc!

  390. Elena Militaru

    It’s very interesting this competition and I feel very lucky I have the chance to participate in it. Good luck everyone! (:

  391. Iliescu Gabriela

    The topic is wonderful and we can be very creative. Thanks to organizers.
    Good luck!

  392. Andra Lichi

    The topic of this contest is very beautiful because I can express my creativity. I’m in the competition. Good luck to all the participants!

  393. Andra Lichi

    The topic of this contest is very beautiful because I can express my creativity. I’m in the competition. Good luck to all!

  394. Beatrice Cosa

    It is wonderful to participate in such a contest in which I have the possibility to express my own ideas on a topic. Good luck!

  395. Cioclov Roxana

    Congratulations for this contest ! It’s an interesting theme and I’ll do my best !

  396. Crudu Elena

    It is a great idea!

  397. Crudu Elena

    This is a great competition! I love it!

  398. Gumieni Robert

    Mi se pare o idee buna, pentru ca avem sansa de a invata si mai bine limba engleza!

  399. Maria Alexandra Borcila

    I really enjoy this contest, because it stimulates our imagination and challenges our writing skills. The theme is also very interesting and I really believe in that “Perfect world” mentioned in my essay.I can’t wait to see the results! Good luck, everyone !

  400. Anca

    I am so pleased!

  401. Raluca

    We are all winners because we have the opportunity to compete in a national writing contest!

  402. Alex

    Who will be the best will be the happiest!


    I’ve never been in such a competition before but I like the idea. I like being creative and I think this is my chance. I’m in.

  404. Stanciu Bianca Draguta

    Interesting competition! Great chance to express ideas and wonderful prizes…

  405. Sabau Marius

    This contest represents a huge opportunity for each participant, so we wish all good luck and may the most creative to win.

  406. Dinescu Miruna

    This contest gives me the opportunity to show my own creations. I hope it will impress my essay. thank you!

  407. Palas Maria Stefana

    This sounds really good. I think it’s very interesting for all the kids and it’s a good opportunity for writing.

  408. Mocioc Ioana-Diana

    Wow ! This is really wonderful ! This competition helps us to develop our creativity, to let our original thoughts to fly on a paper. I contemplate the theme of the essay because I daydream at ” an ideal world ” every single day, I’m an incurable dreamer with a lot of impossible ideals, but I’ve got much hope ! One of them is to win a little prize at this interesting competition ! :D English makes my life more beautiful, I love all about this language, especially writing essays and playing with the valences of the English words. It’s special ! I hope I will go to Harvard Univerisity, I know there is much work, but I’ll do all is possible to rich there. Please, create this contest twice a year !!!
    Good luck to everybody !
    With friendship, Diana

  409. Ion Luciana Elena

    I think this is a really great competition so we can prove what we are able to create .The theme is nice too.
    Good luck to all !!!

  410. Andrada

    I like this contest

  411. Anita

    I like both the topic and the images

  412. Andrei

    A perfect world could be possible only in our imagination so let’s write about it!

  413. Ghenghea Raluca-Andreea

    I like very much this article.It’s for my age and it’s an opportunity for me to see if I know English.I participate for the first time on this competition and I hope I will achieve good results.

  414. OANA

    Is a interesting contest.In this contest children can be creative.Are impressed by this competition and these images.It`s very beautiful

  415. Merian Raluca

    I like the contest!It’s a perfect way for us to show our creativity.

  416. Meeru Oana Bianca

    A great contest.Here we use our creativity so that we are the best.Very beautiful pictures and specially competition

  417. adriana

    Acest concurs este minunat. Ma bucur sa particip si eu. Mult succes tuturor.

  418. Radulescu Malina

    A great contest.Very interesting with lots of competition .All successful.

  419. David Olivia

    Wow ! This is an adventure and a fun experience for me. This contest is the best way to say what you think about the perfect world for you. :)

    ~David Olivia
    Romania, jud. Vaslui , loc. Vaslui , str. Feroviari , bl. 359, sc. D , ap. 12 , etj. 2 .

  420. Crisan Carina Maria

    I think it’s a great ideea to award the talentated children with usefull prizes. Good luck all and don’t forget ‘the sky is the limit’.

  421. Anca Stanciu

    Very interesting competition. I’ve been writing fiction for about three years, but I never participated with my works in a contest, so I’m really excited.
    Good look to all the contestants!

  422. Obreja Daria Alexandra

    The competiton is perfect.That fantasy world which we all imagine fascinates me…
    Kids,you must attend
    Good luck!

  423. Lungu Andreea

    I am interested in revealing my creativity in this contest…I hardly wait…

  424. Hura Abel

    It is so interesting.

  425. Madalina Manoliu

    I think that the essay competition is a great idea!

  426. Livadaru Otni-Iedida

    I hope you like my essay… (:

  427. Daye

    It’s so interesting.

  428. Andreea Mihaela

    Cred ca shakespeare-school este un site foarte educativ si ne ajuta sa ne dezvoltam vocabularul;)

  429. Stoica Florin

    Hmm…is a good idear to explore the fantasies of english.

  430. Banciu Ioana Patricia

    I really like the topic of this competition

  431. Ioana Varga

    I think this is a great competition and an amazing way to discover new talents ! It also gives us the chance to win some amazing prizes, so I can’t wait to submit my essay.

  432. Mihalcea Rares

    Everyone is so excited about this contest… and I can’t lie, I am too. This is a chance for me to see my level of creativity and it is also a chance to write down that fantasy world I’ve always dreamed about. Good luck to everyone, I hope that we will all win something out of this competition.

  433. Cornei Laura

    The essay competition is a great opportunity for everybody to develop creativity and practice writing in English.Good look to everyone!

  434. Goanta Valentina

    This is my first entry in this contest. I like a lot the theme and I think the pictures stimulate our imagination very well.
    That’s why it was fun to write the essay.
    Good luck for everybody!!!

  435. Weir Rahela

    This is my first entry,and I think this competition is an opportunity to develope skills in writting.

  436. Rusu Ileana

    Imi place acest subiect “A better world”, deoarece ma face sa ma gandesc la “cum ar fi daca……” De noi, tinerii depinde cum va arata lumea cand vom fi adulti. Multumesc, Shakespeare school
    Ileana R

  437. Chifa Denisa Maria

    I am glad I can use my creativity. Thank you for this opportunity!

  438. Maria Theodora Ungureanu

    I am very excited about this contest!! I think writing this essay will be a very challenging but still interesting and fun task!! I’m in!!
    Good luck,everybody!!

  439. Paris Daniela Cristiana

    This competition is a great opportunity for all of us because we will improve our english and there is a chance for us to win the first prize that is a 2 week summer school. And, in my opinion, that is very cool .

  440. Basea Maria

    This essay competition is an opportunity for all of us to write all our ideas about “a dream world”,which I think it’s an excelent theme, as well. I hope you will like my essay and I wish everybody good luck!

  441. Ciocirlan Cosmin Gabriel

    This competition is something new for me and I want to say good luck for everybody.See you in England! Bye!

  442. Mircea Andreea Lorena

    I love English and I’m happy to get in the competition.

  443. Rosca Ioana

    This competition is a wonderful opportunity to set our imagination free.

  444. Bojboi Edward Joseph

    I like writing essays and I will send you one soon!

  445. Surcel Lara

    I really like this essay competition. Good luck!

  446. Ciresan Madalina

    It is a cool and friendly competition! Looking forward to it!

  447. Chitu Andrada Laura

    It is an interesting competition.I like the topic!

  448. Toma Andreea

    I really enjoyed writing this essay, i love the theme and the idea of a perfect world.

  449. Paulescu Narcisa

    The essay competion allows me to use my imagination and I think this is great!

  450. Dinka Nandor

    I like the idea of writing an essay after pictures

  451. Nagy Tekla

    This competition is very good for us, because we can learn how have to write an essay. So good luck for everyone!

  452. Szabo Denisa Izabella

    I like the topic,it’s so interesting.

  453. Luca Balan

    i think it’s great to let children create their perfect world using their imagination

  454. Neamt Raul

    I find this topic very interesting

  455. Sabina Radu

    This competition is a good chance for all the pupils and children to learn new and interesting things .

  456. Steuer Edina

    Creativity is inportant in people’s lifes,and I think that this competition will help us develop this ability.
    I personally like this types of challanges,and I am glad that I could enter to this contest.
    Good Luck for everyone!

  457. morariu eduard

    I like this competition because you need some inspiration to write this essay.

  458. Florea Bianca Adelina

    It’s very good that we can win just using our writing skills and imagination, a trip to a place that we’ve probably just dreamt about. I think that imagining a perfect world it’s so crazy and exciting so I was very anxious to send my composition. Thank you for the chance you offer us!


    I like very much the objective of this contest and I will participate with hope in a better world!

  460. Adelina Niculescu

    This contest is an opened door to creativity and imagination! I’m really keen on writing and I hope I’ll get even a small prize!…

  461. Andrei Hurghes

    This contest in a great opportunity for youngsters to show the world what they can. It also is a great opportunity for them to speak up and tell the world what they have to say. Knowing how to pen an essay is very important for students today, so this competition turns out to be very useful. Even more, the great prizes have managed to attract many students and I think that the number of people participating in the future will steadily increase. This contest rewards the ones deserving to be rewarded: that is it’s merit.

  462. Ilyés Timea Noémi

    The English language, being my favourite one, gives me the chance to prove that through an essay we can show our originality, our capability.It is a unique opportunity. Thank you for this chance!
    Good luck for everyone!!!

  463. Chiriac Andreea

    This is the second time when I take part at this contest, with the same emotion. I hope that my ideas will help at shaping the perfect world. Good luck!

  464. Margarit Maria Andreea

    I don’t have many words to describe how awesome this competition is! Writing is fascinating and the theme is very catchy. Good luck everyone!

  465. Palicari Cristina

    I was very excited about the essay competition this year. The topic is great and the prizes are excellent! All that were like an escape to that dream world, by writing about it I felt it and it was a great experience. I want to wish all good luck and may the best win!

  466. Muntean Daniela

    I think this is a great competition and a chance for all the english lovers to show their abilities. It is very nice of you to make this blog. May God bless all of you and reward your kindness!

  467. bratu alexandru

    For me,the essay competition is a very good idea.All the children have the chance to use their imagination,vocabulary and their grammar.Are a lot of children in this competition and at some of them we can see how do they think.The idea with the perfect world is very good.
    Let win the best!

  468. Luca Balan

    i think it’s a good idea to let children use their imagination

  469. Paula

    the idea it’s great and for me it was quite a challenge to write about my ideal world

  470. Dobromir Mihai

    This competition is fascinating.I admire your effort for organising it.


    For me, this competition is very interesting, is a great opportunity to develope creativity.

  472. Mihnea Lazar

    Good luck everyone! I am looking forward to finding out the results!

  473. Madalina Manoliu

    This contest is a marvelous idea! It really is!

  474. radu draganescu

    I love learning English and I think this contest is very challenging

  475. Pupaza Vlad

    I am very happy for you guys,i wish the best,god bless shakespeareschool and god speed you all my friends.

  476. Pupaza Vlad

    I looking forward to i want to participate but how can i blog.I cant understand how to blog?Where?Help me please.I am getting old in front of the computer trying to blog my essay!!!

  477. Marosan Melissza

    Acest esseu ne da poibilitatea sa ne performam cunostintele,in domeniul limbi engleze ceea ce normal este o limba internationala,si necesara in viitorul apropiat,tuturor persoanelor care iubesc limba engleza!Si eu ma bucur sa fiu unul din acei oameni!

  478. moni

    Ok I’m not here to win…I’m here just for fun…If you want enerithin could be possible

  479. Mihai Mihnea

    Hi!My name is Mihnea and I am 13 years old.I love English and interested in the Essay Competition.Hope I’ll see you soon.

  480. Plăeşu Dariana Andreea

    I love the picture with the kitten!!! and the idea with the perfect world it’s interesting because we can say loud what we think about the future and I believe in a green future!
    “everything it’s possible if you truly believe in it!”


    Imi plac concursuile voastre.

  482. Dumitriu Antonia

    Good luck to everyone!

  483. State Alexandra

    We have a lot of rivals so made the best win!GOOD LUCK!!!





  486. Palcu Andrei-Marian

    In this cruel world, where everyone is trying to make his life better by any means possible, including neglecting other people rights, volunteering to help those in need is the only hope. I think this contest brings out a very important matter, kindness and self-giving which should be taught since the earliest ages. Good luck for everyone.

  487. Vlad Anca

    Hello, I’m Anca and I like English very much. I think that competition is a great idea and I want to say “Good luck” to everyone.

  488. Radu Iulia Maria

    A great ideea! Va multumim ca va ganditi la viitorul nostru!!!!

    With respect,
    Radu Iulia

  489. Barna Cristina

    I love all your contests, especially those whith interesting topics for us all.

  490. Teona Galgoţiu

    This essay competition has a very catchy subject and veeeery catchy prizes. So, it worths to try even though I think the competition wil be tight.
    Good day :)


    I find this contest very interesting as it helps me build up my creativity and also I gain more experience from it!
    Thank you, Shakespeare School! I’m definitely submitting my essay!

  492. Gombar Zita - Andrea

    This Essay competition is a really good idea, because we can use our imagination , vocabulary and grammar. It’s good to know more . I think this is really useful for us ,
    Thank You!!

  493. Pintilei Robert

    Very interesting contest!

  494. Steia Raluca

    The photos are really cool

  495. seyka abe

    Hi !!! I’m Seyka and I want to try my best and to use my imagination to achieve a beautifull work !!! ^_^
    Good luck to everyone and try your best!!! ^_^ Cheer up !!! ^_^

  496. Pascale Maria

    All of us are winners and in my opinion the perfect world is the one which combines all our ideas.
    Good luck everyone !!! :)

  497. Daniela Theodorescu

    My students have been asking me how real this contest is, and if all the students have the same chance to win. Their idea is that the prizes are too important and the winners are already known. Sorry to say that, but they need honesty and I have to ask this. I’m sorry, I have no reasons to say this, but you know, in Romania everything is possible…

  498. vakutz


  499. Nicula Cristian


  500. Iosua Vladescu

    This contest isn’t about simply winning a free trip to a College in the UK. It is about unleashing your ideas into something great, into something outstanding, something that deserves respect.

    May the best win!

    P.S. To the future winner: Please take lots of photos, we are all curious how you spent your summer holiday! ;)

  501. Vladu Denisa Maria

    I think that Shakespeare School is doing a very good thing by organizing this competition for the interested students. This contest is very interesting because it is all about the creativity of the young learners of English.This is the reason why I entered the competition. Good luck to everybody!

  502. Matis Dora

    Unde pot gasi rezultatele?cu drag :Dora:)

  503. dumitrescu verona daniela

    Acest concurs mi se pare unul foarte interesant si util in viata de zi cu zi.

  504. Draghci Andreea

    It’s fantastic! I love very much English and you,the people of Shakespeare School , you give me and the other children, chance to express. And the theme is also wonderful. “AN ADULT FOR A DAY”- It makes you think of something you have never tried.

  505. Tosca Flavia Elena

    It’s very interesting this game i like it and i love Shakespeare and i think he is pround of calling this school by his name. Flavia

  506. Muresan Bianca

    This cometision is very interesting!It is very educational to.I think that this enhances our creativity.I like it!

  507. Muresan Bianca

    Sorry this competision is very interesting! Is very educational too. I think that this enhances our creativity. I like it!


    It is very interesting . It is developing the children’s creativity .This site is helping us a lot.

  509. anda

    Frumos concurs!

  510. Anghel Marielena

    I’m very excited about this competition. I think Shakespeare School gives us the opportunity to express freely. The reason I entered in this competition is to develop my imagination. Good luck all!

  511. tomescu raluca

    This competition is very interesting. It is a good way to develop your English knowledge.

  512. Sara Beșleagă

    I am so excited about this interesting contest! It’s a new and beautiful experience for me!
    Good luck everyone!

  513. Dobai Razvan

    This contest is an awesome idea! I wish you all the best!

  514. Nagy Izabella-Beatrix

    Hello! First of all I want to say that this competition is a great opportunity for all those little writers, who want to share their talent and unique fantasy with the world. We can also develop our knowledge in English, to show our originality and imagination.
    Best wishes!
    Good luck, little writers! :)

  515. Sarbu Cristian Anton

    I really liked this competition it was a great way to mobilize young souls. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to participate in it.

  516. Adina Apetrei

    Many talents can be discovered in competitions like this one! I can’t wait to send mine!

  517. Veres Alexandra Larisa

    It’s a new and beautiful experience!<3

  518. Stoian Simona Maria

    I really like this contest .I hope you’ll like my essay!

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